Be the First to Have Your Own


Rock Star? Tech Pro? You Deserve Your Own Talent Agent!  In industries like entertainment or sports, it’s common for top talent to have a talent agent.  TalentAgent is an AI-powered platform, always working on your behalf by:

It’s like having a rockstar manager, minus the ego and the outrageous fees. 

Stop hustling solo. Get paid what you’re worth.  

Start with Your Resume

Your resume is your story. You’ve worked hard to get to this point and you need to best leverage your experience.

What if you could leverage everybody’s experience to turbocharge your career?

TalentAgent uses over 5 million up-to-date resumes for comparable datapoints. This data, along with proprietary AI gives you details about your place in the market, and the right moves to make next.

TalentAgent gives you powerful insights to make your next move, while also keeping your long term roadmap in mind.

AI Powered Skills Assessment

Your Skills = Your Market Value.

Reality may be cold, but with self-knowledge you can turn yourself into a hot commodity.

There are three essential questions when it comes to skills:

· How do my skills change my market value?

· What is AI doing to my skills (for better or worse)?

· What new skills or certifications will immediately boost my income?

TalentAgent provides you with a comprehensive analysis of your skills – stacked up against your peers. Know where you stand, know your path forward, next-level your career with confidence.

Simplify Your Job Hunt

Job hunting is exhausting, time consuming and frustrating – especially in today’s market.

Worse yet, as a result of this broken process the majority of people take the wrong job.

Easy Apply isn’t so easy when you’re one of 900 applicants. And “spray and pray” approaches –  applying to dozens of random companies – is a prescription for failure.

You need a “fit machine” which allows you to focus on the 7-10 high-quality jobs that will get you where you want to be.

Get targeted job listings that are perfectly aligned with your career goals, culture fit and that you have a good shot at – because you’re stopped relying on filters and are now backed by your own AI.