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Job searching, mining for clients, or working on promotions - they're only going to get you to the very next step. Often, though, that next step is all you can think about. The more important process, career management, is further away and you think about it less - but it's much more important to your future. The steps you take now could make an exponential difference in your future earning power, job satisfaction, and overall mental health.

TalentAgent is taking the entire process and supporting it with AI and automation.

  • Salary Comparison – Real money, stacked up against others in your field and with similar experience. You’re likely not being paid your worth. Go into your next job interview – or performance review – prepared with the right number.
  • Custom Resume + Cover Letters – Be the best match for the job that you really want, every time. Small changes in resumes, cover letters and other supporting docs can make the difference in getting through the ATS maze.
  • Education + Certifications – Figure out if that Masters Degree is worth it, or if you’re better of just doing a 3 month certification.
  • The Right Job Listings – Stop sifting through hundreds of job listings or easy-applying yourself into oblivion. Wouldn’t you rather just get 10 of the best listings, that you have the best shot at.
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