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October 23, 2023

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P&G: Riding the Crest of the AI Tide?

Procter & Gamble’s chatPG, their internal AI platform, continues to gain momentum and is now deployed across 80% of the business with 35 use cases.  This internal “AI Factory” approach is becoming popular as market leaders attempt to drive proprietary advantage with proprietary data, as reflected by McKinsey (Lilli), Bloomberg (BloombergGPT) and Bank of America (BAC-LLM).

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“War of 100 Models.”

Baidu introduced Ernie 4.0 this week, claiming it’s on par with ChatGPT-4.  Is it?  RIght now, no.  But this further highlights the race for LLM dominance, with the Silicon Valley models (e.g., Chat, Bard, Llama, Claude, etc.) representing 50% global market share Vs. Chinese (e.g., Ernie, SenseChat, Zhipu, etc.) with 40% share.  And it’s not just about market share but mindshare.  For example, when asked “Who was the best American president?” Bard lists Abraham Lincoln first.  Ernie?  Richard Nixon.

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Tool of the Week

The world is going video, and Guidde is a leading AI platform which automates the creation of videos for training, employee onboarding or product support.  With Guidde you can video-enable nearly anything you can imagine with ease.

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Stack Overflow lays off 28% of its workforce due to AI

This is a preview of coming attractions as AI eats sales and customer-support functions.

Per an analysis of the layoff “the reduction in headcount is directly related to the proliferation of generative AI-driven coding assistants from companies such as Microsoft, AWS, Google, and IBM.”

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“This next generation of AI will reshape every software category and every business.”

Microsoft CEO Satya Nadella shared his annual letter this week, and it’s a must read as he outlines the new era of AI. Note the emphasis on AI driving productivity gains across multiple industries and use cases across the entire Microsoft portfolio.

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You have no privacy

Based on a few taps from you on the keyboard AI can determine your race, gender, age, job and location.  This according to a study released this week from ETH Zurich.  Type judiciously…

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