TalentGenius Coach

TalentGenius Coach is the Chrome extension that helps you find the perfect job. Don’t settle for any job. Land the ideal position tailored to your unique needs and aspirations. TalentGenius Coach seamlessly translates job listings on every top job site like you and your situation.

Put AI On Your Side. Stop Searching. Start Finding.

How Does Coach Work?


Import your LinkedIn profile or resume, and then build a profile to help Coach understand who are and what you want out of your career. Your profile and history power Coach with insights to provide personalized answers. 


Browse to any of your favorite job listings sites. It doesn’t matter if you choose something general, like Indeed – or something tech specific, like Dice. 


Once you’ve selected a job listing you’re interested in, highlight the whole listing with your mouse. The more information you can give, the more tailored the responses will be. 


Once you’re done highlighting, you’ll see the TalentGenius Coach menu. The questions available have been trained to take into account the answers to your profile questions, as well as your background and history. This is the best part. It’s time to start a conversation.