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October 2, 2023

Enterprise News

Big Brains at BCG Boosted

A recent study by Boston Consulting Group showcased how 758 BCG consultants, selected at random, using ChatGPT4 in their daily work experienced substantial benefits. The results? “Consultants using AI finished 12.2% more tasks on average, completed tasks 25.1% more quickly, and produced 40% higher quality results than those without.”

AI Innovations

ChatGPT can now see, hear and speak.  

We could say a lot, but it’s better if you simply watch the bike video in OpenAI’s announcement. Check it out, and then ask yourself “Will any company ever print another owner’s manual?”

See how it works, about 2/3 down the page:

Tool of the Week

CURSOR by Anysphere

Turbocharging developer productivity. Chat with an AI that can read your codebase. Use it to make changes to code, generate tests or code variations. Combine Natural Language Processing with a traditional code editor. Read and understand third party documentation, apply it to your codebase.

Transforming Your Workplace

BMW going Minority Report?

BMW’s AI-powered Proactive Care program predicts future problems to prevent them before they occur.

Available on all vehicles with BMW Operating System 7 or later, the system analyzes service-related data from a vehicle and proactively reaches out to customers before they need to contact a service center themselves.  The program will also appeal greatly to DIY owners, as the platform will provide customers with video tutorials on how to best maintain their cars on their own.  

This is a great example of AI’s transformation of Customer Service which can have universal applicability.  


This week we introduced the 1-30 Club, highlighting the leading AI tools in terms of user adoption and effectiveness. Each tool on our list has over 1 million active users, driving at least 30% productivity gains with the tool. It’s a useful benchmark and should separate the wheat from the chaff. We will update it continually in our newsletter (and on our platform) so you can clearly see what tools are impacting your job and your company.  

Currently the list is dominated by tools for developers and marketers. Developer 1-30 leaders include: Github Copilot, Amazon’s Code Whisperer, Tabnine and Replit Ghostwriter.  Clearly code assistants have become a hot AI battleground. 

In marketing it’s all about generation of images, websites and presentations, with 1-30 leaders including:  Midjourney, Adobe Sensei (with Firefly coming on fast), Canva, Decktopus and  

We’ll keep tracking the 1-30 Club here each week, providing you with a clear heatmap on what’s hot and what’s not.  Keep an eye on the leaders at
TalentGenius Toolbox.


Chat GPT Usage Has Plateaued

Last November we were all wowed as ChatGPT soared to 1 million users in five days, and 100 million users in two months. Yet something interesting has occurred since.  In March worldwide monthly website visits hit 1.6 billion…and dropped about 10% per month since then.  Average time on the site also declined from 8.7 minutes to 7.  That said, in the past several weeks usage in the US has slightly increased.  Why?  Kids are back in school.