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MAD (Machine Learning, AI & Data)

Apr 8, 2024

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This Week’s Highlights

Here’s some of the best of what we discovered this week:

Tech Titans assemble to decide which jobs AI should cut first.

New consortium - which includes Accenture, IBM, Google, Intel, Microsoft and SAP - set to explore AI’s impact on tech jobs.

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It’s a MAD, MAD world

Matt Turck provides his 2024 MAD (Machine Learning, AI and Data) landscape. See 2,011 relevant companies in one PDF here.

“AI don’t use that number…”

200 musicians, including Billie Eilish, Nicki Minaj, Stevie Wonder and Jon Bon Jovi, call for protections against “predatory use of AI.” 

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Inside Big Tech’s race to buy AI training data

They’re trying to find “over a billion videos.” But is the data “ethically sourced?”

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Uber Eats delivered by robots

Self-driving cars are delivering orders in the Phoenix-area pilot program. 

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Tool of the Week: Torq Socrates

AI-Driven Hyperautomation for SecOps

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Should I stay or should I go?

Americans who switch jobs are seeing pay gains nearly double over those who stay put.

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US majors with the highest unemployment rates

It’s college admissions season. Incoming freshmen - or their parents footing the bill - should know this list cold:

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EXL the latest with layoffs in pivot to AI

The digital services provider is shedding 800 roles.

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NYC chatbot tells businesses to break the law

An instructive case study for enterprises leveraging LLMs for customer use cases. 

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And one more thing…

AI makes the cut at The Masters

IBM’s “Hole Insights” platform to show how each hole has been played at the tournament by leveraging more than 170,000 shots on the course.

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