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Putting AI on Your Side

Putting AI on Your Side

Jul 12, 2023

OK, we get it: Generative AI is a big deal.

All those talking heads - the media, analysts, academics, the Twitterati, tech marketers - seem to be competing in an Olympiad of Hyperbole on how AI will transform, well, everything!  Collectively they’ve generated a sea of words but a drought of comprehension.  

Your employer doesn’t currently have many answers either.  The vast majority of companies are still in the early stages of their AI journeys, seeking help from consultants. But their objective is crystal clear: they want AI to cut costs, streamline processes, and make jobs that seem unnecessary vanish into thin air.  Once internal AI initiatives start in earnest your job could be in peril.  After all, in just the past several weeks:

  • 3,900 knowledge workers were laid off in the US in May “directly due to AI,” according to Challenger, Gray & Christmas

  • IBM announced that 26,000 roles at the company would be replaced or reduced by AI, and

  • Dropbox announced a 16% reduction in force due to AI. 

So how do you find practical advice for yourself?  Where can you find answers to the questions most pressing for you:  Is software about to eliminate your job?  Or give you superpowers?  Or not be a big deal at all?  

What if you had your own AI working on your behalf, eliminating concerns about the impact of AI on your job? 

This is where TalentGenius Coach comes in, revolutionizing the way individuals search for jobs and enhancing their chances of success.

Coach leverages the power of powerfully trained Generative AI to streamline and optimize the job search process. By simply plugging Coach into your Chrome browser, the world of work is suddenly curated specifically for you. Job listings are contextualized to your skills, experience, and goals, enabling you to instantly answer key questions such as:

  • Would I be a good fit for this job?

  • Is this fair compensation for me in this role?

  • Will this job be impacted by AI?

And by looking at your online resume or profile, Coach can provide suggestions and answer questions like:

  • What career development steps should I take to enhance my earning power?

  • Where are people like me applying most?

  • What industry would be a good fit to transition to?

Moreover, Coach provides personalized recommendations based on your career goals, suggesting jobs that align with your aspirations and skillset.

With Coach, you can tailor your resume for specific opportunities and be fully prepared for interviews by anticipating and addressing questions and concerns. Don't sell yourself short; stay informed about industry trends, salary ranges, and the demand for your skills in real-time. Be your best self and find the perfect fit for you.

Consider this: if you were to drive across a major city to the airport during rush hour without using a GPS and ended up missing your flight, the responsibility would fall on you. Similarly, attempting to level-up in your career without the power of personalized AI is, well, foolish.  Be armed, amplify yourself, and greatly increase your chances of success.

Don't miss out—try out Coach and let us know how it works for you. Put the power of AI on your side.